CARIN is a membership-based organization. Participation is by invitation-only.

Members include leading organizations in three broad categories:

  • Consumers – Consumer advocates, purchasers, and others.
  • HIPAA covered entities – Providers, plans and clearinghouses, and their business associates.
  • HIPAA non-covered entities – Consumer-facing digital health apps, devices and services, consumer platforms, researchers, and infrastructure firms including standards setting organizations, identity providers, certifiers, and data exchange networks.

Membership categories are follow:

Board Members: Selected organizations directly involved in care, administration, or consumer advocacy, including providers, health systems, payers, and consumer advocates; board members govern the alliance and have rights to appoint steering committee members and set the mission, strategy, policy, and activities of the alliance.

Alliance Members: Any health care related organization interested in participating in the Alliance and its activities; affiliates can include health IT organizations, app makers, technology providers, and others; affiliate members participate in workgroups and other CARIN activities, but do not vote on the board.

Affiliated Alliances: Other alliances – such as standards setting organizations, technology consortia, data exchange networks or other groups engaged in activities which are aligned with the CARIN Alliance.

Special Guests: Government observers and others invited to join without a formal membership.

If you’d like to receive more information about CARIN or be considered for membership, please click here to connect with a member of our team.







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